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COVID-19 Updates

School is out. Spring break is here, and nothing can stop our fun now. Water parks, beaches, late night adventures, and most of all, amazing memories. I expected this spring break to be like any other: fun for a week, then the disappointment of having to attend school the next. Not once did I anticipate that this break would possibly be the end of my Freshman year.

The Corona Virus pandemic occurred towards the middle of spring break. I thought I could handle missing just two weeks of school. But two weeks quickly turned into one month and some days. I am now currently three weeks into quarantine. I must say, I most definitely took school for granted.

I miss my friends the most. The way they always put a smile on my face in the morning. They way they kept making me laugh. I miss the moments where they helped me out with schoolwork because I was being a little slow.

I miss my teachers, as well. Just like my friends, they always managed to give the students a little laugh every day. They cared about the students in ways I never understood until being away from them because of a frightening virus. They always express how much they miss us on Edsby and made me believe them teaching us was the highlight of their day. They ask about our mental state, and always offer help.

I miss the feeling of doing work on paper. Touching a pencil and a book. My hand cramping because of how much I wrote. Writing geometry equations, essays, vocabulary words, scientific formulas, everything. I miss being present in school- being there, in a seat and a desk, and not my bed. Reading textbooks and opening my locker. I even miss being late to class and hearing my teachers give me a lecture.

Lastly, I miss being around people. I long for working in groups and hearing other student’s ideas. I miss interacting and meeting new kids who I never even knew went to this school. I strongly desire the partner work and learning new things about my classmates through conversations we aren’t supposed to have because its not about schoolwork. All in all, I miss everything about school, and never again will I underestimate the joy it brings me.

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