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Scholastic Awards

Riverview High School saw a lot of success in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Contest winning a total of fifteen awards against students from schools across the region. Winners from the creative writing department were Mason Steno who won a silver key, Mia Cervetti with an honorable mention, and William Lorenzen who got two honorable mentions. Head of the Creative Writing department Mike Zelazo said, “This year was a very tough competition on a regional level. I’m very proud of the students who won.”

The art department saw even greater success winning 11 awards in total. Hannah Porter won a gold key, 3 silver keys and an honorable mention. Issa Gamer won two silver keys, Claire Smith a silver key, and two honorable mentions. All these students were in the AP drawing class, and their teacher Emily Griest said, “I’m proud of the students who all worked very hard to win.” Mya Dukes also got an honorable mention for her art submission.

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