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College Signings

On February 5th, at Riverview High School three seniors signed to the college they will be attending in the fall. Jordan Schell committed to St. Thomas University in Miami, Sydrah Glasgo committed to Morrisville State University in New York, and Cheyenne Greaves committed to Ferris State University in Michigan.

This was a very proud and exciting moment for these students as well as their friends and family. The students coaches spoke out about their dedication and commitment to their teams. Glasgo was praised for her tireless devotion to volleyball, shown through her attendance to morning and night practices, weekend games, and overall passion for the sport. Greaves and Schell were both recognized for their accomplishments throughout their very successful football season.

Their coach, William Mosel, commented on how he had watched the two young men grow and become the talented football players they are. He explained how he had known Schell since freshman year and watched him grow into the “great young man and great player that he is today” and that he is “so proud to have had Jordan play for his team”. Similarly he commented on talent Greaves possesses, even only knowing him since his junior year, and that he is “honored to have coached him”.

To close the ceremony the coaches and administration thanked the families for their devotion to the sports as well for being the unconditional support system these athletes needed.

Mrs. Shotwell, Riverview’s principal, wished the best of luck to these students on their journey and reminded them that they will always have the support of RVHS and that they will always be our Sharks.

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