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Varsity Boys' Basketball Team Recap

De'Mare Duhart and EJ Williamson

Riverview High School’s boys’ varsity basketball team has had a very successful season so far. At a 12 – 1 record, the Sharks have been top competition in the 7A class.

Since their loss against George Jenkins High in the Christmas tournament, the Sharks have been on a 7-game win streak.

Sarasota Riverview was the first victim of the Shark Frenzy with RVHS bringing home a 57 - 54 win.

Next was Sickles High, whom the Sharks beat 71-68 despite their talent behind the arc. assistant coach Brian Bowman stated that the key to the game was “us playing together, not against each other.” Bowman has also said the boys play very fast up-tempo basketball, which worked effectively against Sickles’ sharpshooters. Desmond Ortiz, starting power forward, put up 22 points as the game’s lead scorer. Not far behind him was Jaden Ramos, also playing at the four, with 19 points.

Plant City fell to the Sharks as well at 74-40, to what Bowman credits as a result of “getting after the ball and playing great defense.”

The most impressive victory for RVHS though was last Monday night, when previously undefeated Wharton High and RVHS faced off at home. There was not a moment when the Sharks were behind, due to “great man defense.” The Sharks were winning 31 – 14 by the end of the half, with most of their points coming from transition. Ramos finished the game with 29 points and “a thunderous dunk; Deon Oliver finished with 10 and a flashy slam as well; Ortiz put up 12 points. Bowman’s game plan was based around matching strengths and weaknesses against Wharton, what he calls “playing smart.”

Durant followed and lost, putting a 58 – 46 win on the Sharks’ record. Despite their record, Bowman recalls Durant playing hard. He credits Lennard equally, saying the Longhorns played exceptionally despite losing as well. RVHS pulled away with a 59 – 55 victory.

Bowman feels he has brought confidence back to the basketball team and says their game will only improve. “We’re peaking,” says Bowman, “We’ll play anybody anywhere.”

Jordan Clark and De'Jare Duhart
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