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Sharks to Face Rams Tonight

The boys’ varsity football team at Riverview successfully defended home-field against Leto High last week, finishing 48-8.

Almost an uncontested blowout, Leto managed to score in the last 20 seconds of the game with a running clock. The Sharks, on the other hand, acquired their first 36 points in the first half of the game.

And though starting quarterback, Stazion Gage, was out sick, the Sharks managed to play through sub Devin White, well in the first half.

Head coach William Mosel was pleased having been able to play not just his starters, but the whole team. “We were trying to get out of there without an injury and we did.” says Mosel.

With total yards thrown not adding up to even 20, Mosel says it was a game with “a lot of keepers,” and the Sharks “only threw the ball when opportunistic,” leading the Sharks to “a good win at home.”

This week. the 5-2 varsity football team at Sarasota Riverview “is going to be a tough opponent” says Mosel.

Recognizing they are a playoff team, Mosel recalls the “early mistakes made against Newsome,” and plans avoiding that tonight as the Sharks travel out to Sarasota to play the Rams.

Starting quarterback, Gage made a speedy recovery and is set to play in tonight’s game.

Aside from the school’s name, Mosel feels that the Sarasota is going to be much like the Sharks, and he feels the Sharks are going to match up well. “They want to be physical and we’re somewhat similar,” states Mosel.

Mosel is less concerned with the team statistically and is more focused on how the Sharks will “execute.” “How are we going to execute? How are we going to handle that environment? This game is going to come down to who makes the first mistake.” explains Mosel.

Regardless if the Sharks win, Mosel is excited for the game just being that Sarasota is a playoff team, “They play some good teams, we play some good football… this is how we’re going to see if we’re really doing good.” Tonight will dictate if the Sharks are able to hold their own in the playoffs against another competitive team.

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