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Monday Football Game!

Monday night at 7 at home, the boys’ varsity football team at Riverview High School will be playing its third game of the season, this time against Brandon High.

Head Coach William Mosel and the Sharks brought home a hard-fought win last Friday against Durant High School, finishing 13-12.

Not only a “real tight game.” Mosel says, but one of highlight plays, such as, “Three field goals blocked back-to-back” credited to Ryan Peacock, Phillip Langelir, and Kadeem Robinson; and “a 99-yard hook-and-ladder.” Furthermore, Mosel was happy with the Sharks’ performance, saying, “I thought the kids played really well.”

As for Brandon, Mosel says, “We should match up well against them and be successful.” Which is not to say Mosel does not expect competition, “They’re going to give us a hard battle but we’re at home, giving us a moral boost. Playing Durant at Durant was difficult.”

The game plan, simply put as “execute and do what we do, and we’ll be just fine.” But Mosel says a win will be a matter of “whether or not we get the kids fully bought in, and doing what their coached to do.”

Mosel says if “they can play for each other like they have,” the Sharks’ winning streak will continue and the season should be promising.

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