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Sophomore English Teacher Becomes Newest AP

Jennifer Grover is proceeding into her 11th school year to date as the newest assistant principal at Riverview High School. Grover was previously a sophomore English teacher at Riverview and also served as a Teacher Talent Developer at Riverview for the past two years.

Despite her eligibility for the AP position, she had a passion for the classroom.

“I’m going to miss it, but with Mrs. Cummings moving to East Bay, I felt as if it was time,” Grover said Grover expressed excitement when asked about her plans for this year. She looks forward to being able to do more class walk-ins, and to gain

familiarity with this year’s student body.

Grover said that some of her former students ask her if she prefers the classroom or her AP office.

“They can’t be compared, it’s completely different from being a teacher,” she said. Grover is attached to her students, so she loves the fact that she still gets to meet with them.

As a part of her new role, she also has new responsibilities. Among these are watching the student section at games, handling disciplinary actions, general comments and concern. Grover is also the leader of the Instructional Leadership Team and it provides feedback and input on professional development on campus.

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