Football Plays Durant

August 30, 2019

The Boys varsity Football team at Riverview High will be facing its second competitor of the season tonight at Durant High School, hoping to bring home a victory.

            The team was successful in defending the Shark Tank last week against Blake High School, ending the game with a 37-26 win, giving the Sharks their first victory of the season.

            A victory described as a “good team win”, left RVHS head football coach William Mosel only a few things to correct after the end such as “finishing blocks, and securing tackles.” Mosel praises the Riverview boys saying, “They showed a lot of heart and played pretty clean.”

            Starting Riverview quarterback, Stazion Gage, was responsible for five of the Sharks’ touchdowns last week. Mosel labeled him “a good contributor” to team. Another contributor was Timothy Tyson who suffered a knee injury during a tackle. Tyson was reported to be out of commission for a few weeks, but is expected to make a quick recovery.

            As for Durant, Mosel says the Cougars are going to be a “big, tough, physical opponent.” However, Mosel and The Sharks are hopeful for a win, after studying film on Durant.

            In respects to the season so far and what’s to come, Mosel says “This group plays well and if they keep playing well we’re going to see more games like lastFriday.”

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