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Riverview Football Preview Against King High School

It’s been a long and productive summer for the boys’ varsity football team at Riverview High.

Tonight kicks it off for the Sharks’ with the preseason game against King High school. Head Coach William Mosel has some insight as to what he is expecting for the game.

With confidence Mosel believes the Sharks will be ready for the Lions despite losing a few seniors, stating: “They’re in a good place, we’ve ran a lot of drills in practice this summer.”

Not to say the seniors won’t be missed, as “It’s always difficult to replace good players,” says Mosel.

As for the game plan, Mosel says, “Everybody’s got to play a good game.” Mosel credits the lack of complexity for the lack of film on the Lions. Mosel was able to get his hands on only half a game worth of film from spring in which the Lions lost to Hillsborough High School 15-0.

With limited film, it “makes it difficult to gauge” the Lions. Nonetheless Mosel is still expecting competition. As for the Sharks, Mosel says, “It’ll be a matter of how quick they can come together.”

Despite these small setbacks, Mosel feels the team has matured and is more than ready to bring a win home and set the tone for the rest of the season. The game is scheduled for J. Vince Thompson Stadium, at Riverview, at 7:30 p.m.

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