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Javelin Throw Added to Field Events in 2020 Season

As of Feb. 20 2019, the very popular field event, the javelin throw, was added to Florida track and field events for the upcoming 2020 track season. The javelin throw has not been included in Florida track and field events since 1950. Girls head track coach Mary Rivera is “very excited for this event to be added.” Also, the assistant principal of administration, Kevin Massena, noted that he was “very excited because we have a very good javelin thrower.” Clearly both Rivera and Messina were ecstatic about the new event being included into the track and field events effective as of next season.

RVHS freshman Nicholas Migliarese has been training for the javelin throw for three years. Migliarese is “very excited” because “javelin has been event [he] has practiced for a long time.” He won last year at the AAU state qualifier for the Junior Olympics. In that competition for the 15/16-year-old age group, he threw over 40 meters. “I plan on doing great things next track season,” Migliarese noted.

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