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Scholastic Art and Writing Contest

The Scholastic Art and Writing contest is a county-wide competition for middle and high schools. Over the last few years many people have entered this competition with an entry fee of five dollars. The deadline to submit entries are around mid-December. There are several categories and our students participated in four categories. At RVHS, we have had seven regional gold key. RVHS has also had one national winner, Sarah Ferguson. If a student wins a gold medal in nationals, that student and their family will get a trip to New York City to pick up their medal and attend events put on by the Scholastic Organization in early June.

At RVHS, our students Mikayla Friday and Kaitlin McFadden have achieved the regional gold key this year. Friday entered in the poetry category with her poems “Directions” and “Things that Cannot Save You from Yourself”. If winning nationals, Friday says, “I’d be really happy that my work was among the best in the nation.” Friday entered this contest because she loves writing and wants her voice to be heard. She was really happy when she found out that her work got a gold key, this let her know that her work mattered.

Kaitlin McFadden also qualified for the gold key in the personal essay/memoir category with her piece “Give to Get”. McFadden entered the contest because she says, “It was an opportunity to share my life and it let others learn from my life.”.When McFadden found out about her achievement she was very surprised because she doesn’t think she’s the best writer. McFadden also says, “It was nice to know that everyone is going through the same things as I am.” McFadden’s experience at the contest helped her realize that she’s not alone.

For the silver key, William Lorenzen entered in the short story category with his story “The Things Students Carry.” Nicolette Ruppert entered in the short story category as well with her story, “Oblivious”. Three of our students also got an honorable mention including Madeleine Planchet, Nicolette Ruppert and Mason Steeno. Planchet entered with her poem, “If I Could Talk to My Younger Self” and Steeno with his poem, “Long Gone”. Ruppert also entered with her poem “Wistful Journey” and short story “Downhill Trip.”.

Writing department head, Mike Zelazo says, “The entire writing department at RVHS is ecstatic about winning nine regional awards. I particularly am pleased to see three of our works qualify for national consideration. They’re very strong, deep pieces and I hope that they will do well in the national judging.”

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