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Basketball Preview

The boys Varsity Basketball team at Riverview High school is on a three-game win streak and is excited for what the last games of the season have in store.

Assistant coach Brian Bowman has been content with the last three games played starting with Blake.

Though Blake was a “defensive game” says Bowman, it was also high scoring. “We had four players in double figures,” says Bowman

Tyler Cauley led the sharks in the game against Blake High, scoring 24 points.

As for defense, Bowman says, “We had a bunch of steals. Most of our scoring opportunities came from defensive fast breaks; we finished 77-62.”

Spoto High School was the second of these wins with the Sharks finishing with 87 points.

Bowman was electric when talking about the victory, “We won man! We played well and had another four people in double figures.”

Jaden Ramos carried The Sharks against the Spartans, scoring 32 points, shooting the lights out.

With Spoto being “one of our rivals” Bowman is more than happy to add this win to the books. Bowman also says, “We’ve been playing better, and our offense really feeds off of the defense.”

The game against Bloomingdale High School was not as exhilarating, in Bowman’s opinion; the Sharks won 52-36.

Though another win for Riverview, Bowman says, “We didn’t play that well; we got about 21 points off of turnovers but that’s it. We won but we could have played better.”

Regardless of the last three games Bowman is excited and anxious about the three that are left and is hoping to keep this win streak strong.

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