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Riverview Idol

Riverview High School’s 2018 Riverview Idol finale took place on November 8th and a winner has been chosen. The competition started with the top 25 performing a solo and the audience voting for who will continue into the top 10 and October 25th and then top 5 November 1st. The top 5 finalists then each preformed a solo and a duet and the audience voted for the final winner. After narrowing down the contestants, Gwendolyn Adams has been decided as the winner of Riverview Idol 2018. “It was a good and very tight competition. We had the opportunity to have the judges give voice coaching lessons at the end. Gwen now has many has many more performing opportunities” states chorus director Mrs. Stewart. The winner Gwen says “It was a great time with good contestants. I encourage others to participate as it’s a good opportunity to further a career in music.”

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