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Riverview vs. Manatee Football Preview

Riverview’s Varsity Football team will be playing its last home game tonight against Manatee High School.

Head Coach William Mosel has high expectations for the Sharks’ opponent tonight, “I think they’re going to be a tough opponent; last year we played them really rough.”

As always, Mosel still has hope for the Sharks and has prepared his game plan. He says, “I think we match up well but we have to play mistake-free football.”

According to Mosel, “The offensive record does not add up with the way we play at times. We have to be really consistent which is something we haven’t been all year long.”

Mosel uses Strawberry Crest, last week’s game, as an example. He states the final score being 13-6 Riverview, but to Mosel it’s not just about the win,

“You know, we had over 400 yards in offense and only 13 points to show for it.”

Mosel believes the Sharks can win and make it to the final stretch but he is skeptical how they’ll perform when they get there,

“We have a lack of consistency; we get in our own way sometimes.”

Nonetheless, Mosel has high aspirations for this game and he has to if he wants the Sharks to make it to the playoffs,

“If we can clinch this win and win the game next week we might be able to sneak into the playoffs; it would be huge.”

Game time at J. Vince Thompson is at 7:30 p.m. It’s Senior Night, where the senior football players, cheerleaders, band and flag squad and ROTC members will be honored.

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