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Football Preview

Tonight, Riverview High School’s Varsity Football team will be attacking Strawberry Crest High at a home game.

Head Coach William Mosel did not have much to say about the Chargers, “I don’t really know how to describe them; they’re a decent team. We should come out on top though.”

Mosel is very confident that the Sharks will win the game, as they did last year, “Yeah, last year we beat them 30 to nothing.” he said.

In spite of this he’s not taking this game lightly, “We’ve got to play within the scheme, no matter where we are in the stretch.” Mosel says.

Mosel gave some insight on how the game against Alonso unfolded, “You know, we were up pretty much the whole game, and there weren’t really turnovers like that.”

He goes on to explain there wasn’t any specific problem, “We had a good mix of plays, but we just didn’t execute the way we should’ve down the stretch.”

The Alonso game was a 23-21 loss for the Sharks, but they’re expected to come back with a win tomorrow night, “We got to put our foot on the pedal and not let up until we secure a victory.” says Mosel.

Game time at Strawberry Crest is 7:30 p.m.

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