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Changes at the 'View

With any new school year there are changes. However, here at Riverview High School there have been a number of new procedures taking effect this year that affect every student.

The most significant change is the new bell schedule. The regular school day for all students at RVHS will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 3:25 p.m. Classes will last 47 minutes on an average, 39 minutes on early-release days and a five-minute passing time on all school days. Homeroom will no longer be held every Monday, but on necessary days where it will be announced.

Now, different school levels will be arriving at their respective institutions one hour apart. The procedure was decided by the Hillsborough County School District. According to Danielle Shotwell, RVHS’s principal, surveys were sent out to the families of students concerning the chosen school policy. Shotwell sees possibilities in starting at a later time when students are more awake. The new schedule was also put in place to aid the transitioning of buses for the schools. While the new bus situation seems to work better in the afternoon, Kevin Massena, the assistant principal for administration who works with the buses, claims the morning situation has not been improved.

“It’s because of the traffic in the mornings around eight when it gets worse, with all the people going to work around that time,” Massena said.

Another area of RVHS impacted are the organizations. Since homerooms will not be held every Monday, clubs will have to find times to meet in the mornings or afternoons. Students are allowed to come onto campus at 7:55 a.m., so clubs are now giving out passes that allow students to come in earlier with permission. It is possible that because many students rely on the bus for transportation that the number of members will drop. All sports will continue to operate practices, but will just be held at a later time.

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