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Flag Football Pre-Season Classic

Riverview High School’s Varsity Flag Football team started its season with triumphs in its Pre-Season Classic against Lennard and Brandon High school.

Last Wednesday in the Classic, Riverview had a prosperous set of games, beating Lennard 19-0 and Brandon 24-0.

The team was strong and determined at the start of both games, which gave it a great sense of relief and determination. “We went in knowing that we would try our best and we knew that we had a chance because of how hard we had worked.” said senior Sky Strauss.

A highlight of the classic was when Riverview Junior Madysen Carrera completed a 43-yard pass to junior Tania Clark.

According to Assistant Flag Football Coach David Coffey, the team seems to have great prospects for the upcoming season. There are several returning players that should be an asset to this year’s roster. The team also has a lot of experience in the sport and demonstrates a lot of athleticism.

Last season, the team made it to the state playoffs and had a successful season as a whole. With last year’s achievements in mind, Coffey aims for the team to take home a district title.

“We have a great shot at being one of the best flag football teams in school history.” said Coffey.

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