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Palm Harbor Preview

This Friday Riverview faces Palm Harbor University at home for the final game of the season and senior night.

Last Friday the Sharks faced the third blow-out loss in a row this season against Sarasota Riverview 0-41. Head Coach William Mosel was disappointed in the game, “Physically we were able, but mentally the team wasn’t there yet,” he said, “they didn’t do all thing they were supposed to do.”

For the upcoming game against Palm Harbor, Mosel wants to see an improvement in the score and, “wants the guys to be successful on their last night on out.” He adds, “I hope they preform much better, play a little looser and do what they’re supposed to do.”

Mosel feels through the overall season they developed a good foundation with the younger players on the tea and got them where they needed to be to improve the team for next season.

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