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Manatee/Chamberlin Preview

Last Friday the Sharks blew out Strawberry Crest with a 34-0 win.

The at-home victory was, “a good win” according to head coach William Mosel, “When you get teams who are good, yet beatable, you need to handle your business. The team definitely did that.”

The Sharks will be taking on two separate teams in the next few days. Both are away games; at Manatee tonight and at Chamberlin on Monday. Mosel says Riverview is, “going to try and do our best to be prepared.” He doesn’t plan on doing anything different, but they are “always looking for ways to improve.” He believes the Sharks match up well with Manatee and will do okay. Mosel plans on adapting from the original game plan for Chamberlin from before Hurricane Irma. Last season Riverview lost to Manatee 49-14, but beat Chamberlin 6-0.

In order for Riverview to qualify for the playoffs they “need to finish out strong,” according to Mosel, “We’re doing well now but we control our own fate.”

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