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New Teachers

1. How long have you been teaching?

2. What do you teach? –Room number?

3. What college did you attend?

4. What did you major in?

5. What is an interesting fact about you?


Siobhan Adkins

1. 7 years

2. APUSH and U.S. history- 211

3. University of central Florida

4. Social Sciences

5. “I graduated high school in Daegu, South Korea”

Jordan Alberts

1. This is my first year teaching

2. U.S. history Honors & Regular- 213

3. Florida state University

4. Social Sciences Education

5. “I grew up on a traveling carnival!”

Lisa Allton

1.38 years

2. Child Development & Parenting and Senior Survival- Rm. 510

3. Oral Roberts University, Northeastern State University of Oklahoma

4. Elementary Education

5. “I’ve taught about 500 children and adults to swim”

Jennifer Frederiksen

1.8 years

2. English 2 regular and honors- Rm. 33

3. Wayne State University (Detroit), University of South Florida (grad)

4. English Education, Ed Leadershio (grad)

5. “I have three rescue pups - Coco, Lucy + Roxie!”

Morgan Kotwicki

1. N/A

2. English- Rm. 239

3. Central Michigan University

4. Youth Studies

5. “I grew up in Michigan”

Damian Wulff

1. 11 years

2. World history Honors Regular- floating (6 different rooms)

3. University of Wisconsin and University of South Florida

4. Behavioral Science and Law and Master of Arts in Teaching, Social Studies

5. “I have had a cornea transplant in my right eye”

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