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Freedom Preview

This Friday Riverview will be facing Freedom High School at home for the second game of the season.

Last Saturday Riverview lost to their rivals East Bay, who dominated with a score of 35 to Riverview’s 3. The game was pushed to Saturday due to rain delay. Head Football coach William Mosel feels the loss was, “Disappointing, but with every step back comes two steps forward, and this was defiantly a step back. We just need to keep improving.” He says many small issues contributed to the loss and, “We just didn’t execute in a variety of positions.” Mosel wants to take care of the little things in order to improve the team’s overall performance.

It’s expected that the game against Freedom will be tough, but according to Mosel, “If we stick to the game plan we’ll be fine.” He wants to come away with a win and expects the team to be more crisp, “We need this win for the spirit of the team.”

Hopefully the Sharks can pull through with a win to put them 1-1.

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