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Sharks Welcome New AP

Andrea Cummings, Assistant Principal of Student Affairs


The Riverview Sharks have welcomed one of their newest Assistant Principals for Student Affairs- Andrea Cummings. She comes to RVHS with vast teaching experience and great enthusiasm. Her work experiences include teaching English and Journalism for 10 years, rock ‘n’ roll classes, and leading the yearbook committee at Durant High School. Recently, she mentored teachers from the Area 6 District Office in Plant City.

Cummings first became interested in the education field during her high school years. She said she had two English teachers who brought new light into her life and sparked her interest.

“They were really awesome English teachers,” Cummings said. “They made me feel good and love reading again.”

As an Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, her responsibility is to make sure everyone is safe and help to eliminate students leaving during school or roaming the hallways. She also works very closely with teachers to make sure students, as well as faculty, are working productively. One of her main goals is to develop a strong relationship with students and to nourish a culture where both students and teachers learn from each other.

“I want to help students graduate and to have them come to me with positivity,” Cummings said. “I never want to be nasty.”

Cummings would like the students of Riverview High School to know that she is very approachable. She prefers students bring concerns or issues to her attention rather than have students begin a self-destructive cycle. She adds that she is a very understanding and driven person who simply wants to see the students here excel and reach their fullest potential.

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