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Spiro Takes on New Title

Brian Spiro

Brian Sprio, Assistant Principal of Curriculum


With the promotion of former Assistant Principal of Curriculum Denise Savino as principal of Lennard High School, a new AP has been appointed this year. Riverview High School didn’t have to look far for Savino’s replacement, choosing someone within its walls.

Brian Spiro, who actually started out his education career in Riverview, has been named to the position. Beginning as a long-term substitute teacher here, he came back in 2015 after working for the district as a Student Affairs Assistant Principal. Now, after three years in Riverview, Spiro is promoted to the higher position.

He was selected for the job from five candidates. The five were interviewed by RVHS Principal Danielle Shotwell. Then the Superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools Jeff Eakins interviewed the top three. The selected candidate, Spiro, was submitted to the School Board and accepted.

Spiro said, in regard to his responsibilities at Riverview, “All of them.” Now he works more along-side teachers and less with students, overseeing all academic programs, guidance testing; anything academic-related. While being an assistant principal, he was involved more with mentoring, counseling, and being an advocate for students.

“I will miss the relationships with students,” Spiro said.The assistant principal has strong hope for this new year.

“My biggest expectation is to have momentum,” he added. “Every year Riverview has grown, becoming a better school. The goal is to all of us to push ourselves and overcome new challenges as a school. I will be working with our educators become even better teachers.”

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