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David Kovacs as the New Assistant Principal

David Kovacs is progressing into his ninth year of teaching as the newest assistant principal at Riverview High School. Kovacs previously worked at McLane Middle school, also as an AP for one year.

Kovacs studied math, biology, and educational leadership at the University of Central Florida. He graduated from Riverview High School in 2006.

“I had an amazing experience here as a student, I had classes with some of the best teachers in the school and I learned many lessons (academic and social) that have helped me throughout my life. I was active in academics, sports, and student government. Both of my parents were teachers at Riverview when my brother and I were students. Riverview is home, Riverview is family.”

Kovacs values being a part of Riverview, he enjoys the kids and being able to help serve the community. Kovacs stated that his goal of being at Riverview is to listen, support, and provide students with the support they need to succeed. As of right now, Kovacs currently has no desire to move up into the principal position stating that he is just fine where he is as an assistant principal.

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