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Sharks Beat Bolts

Riverview High School's boys' varsity football team acquired its seventh win of the season against Ridge Community High last week, bringing the Sharks' record to 7-2.

The rainy game was just as "difficult" as head coach William Mosel expected. "A beatable team," says Mosel about the Ridge Community Bolts, despite this, it was still "a really good game." The Sharks won the slim victory by two points, finishing 20-18.

The catch-up game last week started off with rain that lasted both halves. By the first half the Sharks were down 7-12, despite having blocked two extra kicks. Minutes into the second half the Sharks were down 11 points, at which defense locked down the rest of the game.

A two-point conversion was stopped in the second half and "if you take away the turnovers, we really controlled the game," says Mosel. The Sharks managed to make up their deficit and more with two touchdowns, the last of which was an intercepted touchdown pass which was ran for 100+ yards. A victory in which Mosel felt "the kids fought through, and got it done."

As for the last home game of the season, which falls on Senior Night, Mosel wants to emphasize on limiting turnovers as the Sharks face off against Lennard High School tonight.

Mosel believes tonight against the Longhorns, "We'll be evenly matched" and "its about who shows up and is ready to play." Mosel takes caution making sure "the quarterback is protected, and the ball isn't turned over," given the individual size of the Broncos. "They are big and run the ball well," says Mosel about Lennard, but he still is hopeful for victory.

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