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Newsome Football Homecoming Game Recap

Last week the boys’ varsity football team at Riverview high fought hard against Newsome high school at the homecoming game, unfortunately the sharks were unable to come up victorious.

The battle ended 42-28 Newsome. Head coach William Mosel explained that “when you play in a playoff type atmosphere, you can’t make early mistakes.” The Sharks found themselves at a 7-point deficit early on due to a fumble. They later missed the chance to close the gap on a one-yard run and finished trailing behind 14 points.

Mosel added that the Sharks didn’t perform poorly, there just “wasn’t enough game.” In fact, Cheyenne Greaves had 8 carries for a total of 180 yards. The Sharks also had over 300 throwing yards.

While the Sharks gave it their all, Mosel recognized the need for improvement, saying, “We did it to ourselves, when we play good teams, we can’t make those types of mistakes.”

Feeling more optimistic about tonight’s game, Mosel feels this is a game “we should get.” RVHS will be facing off against Leto High who currently has a 0 – 6 record.

Mosel and the Sharks are not taking Leto lightly. Remaining humble, they’re still “ready to get back to work,” giving their full effort. Mosel recalls, having been in Leto’s shoes and does not expect an easy win.

Hoping to, “get back in the groove of things,” Mosel is stressing the importance of “paying more attention to detail,” and securing the win tonight.

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