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Football Recap Against Haines City

The RVHS varsity boys’ football team brought home their fourth win of the season against Haines City last Friday, finishing on top with a 32-6 victory.

Last week, head coach William Mosel hoped that by the following article he and the Sharks would have a 4 – 0 record; this hope, now truth, defines Mosel’s statement, “we played well- we’ve been playing well.”

In respects to the 32-6 win, Mosel feels that “every week [the Sharks] get better at one more aspect of the game.” Mosel is very focused on improvement but feels the game plan was executed well. He says, “We did a good job of putting together long drives, defense was good-we played a good game.”

Devin White had a notable game adding two touchdowns to the scoreboard. The first touchdown stemmed from one of two interceptions and the other from a returned kickoff. White was only one of the many boys that contributed to the 367 yards ran by the Sharks.

Mosel is hoping for a good performance this upcoming Friday night as the Sharks travel to Strawberry Crest High school for the fifth game of the season. Mosel’s emphasis on this game is to execute, being that Crest is “not a bad ball team.” Mosel plans on “not turning the ball over, avoiding errors, and executing.”

The Chargers are 1 – 2 so far and while they “have played some good people,” Mosel doesn’t let that stop his team. “We try to compete,” says Mosel, “if we do what we’re supposed to we should be okay.”

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