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Football Game Against Haines City

Tonight will be the fourth game of the season for the Riverview High school boys’ varsity football team. The Sharks are headed for Polk County to face off with Haines City High School.

As for the Sharks’ record, they are 3-0, Head Coach William Mosel says “Hopefully next time (an article is published) we’ll be 4-0. Wishful thinking by Mosel but far from fantasy. The Sharks came away from last week’s game with a 38-14 win.

Mosel praised the team, saying, “They’re a confident, knowledgeable group.” Moreover, two players especially stuck out, Stazion Gage with 200 yards in passes, over 100 yards rushing and three touchdowns; and Devin White, intercepting a pass from Brandon and taking it to the end zone for the Sharks’ first touchdown.

Despite these two performances, Mosel said everyone was involved. “We really talk to the kids about team victories and everyone contributes.” Not only was it a team victory but one that was hard-fought as it was rained out for over an hour.

Mosel is always looking for improvement and says “We got to improve on starting a little quicker,” which is what he has planned for tonight’s game against Haines City, stating “We’re going to just go in, be us, and be fast and aggressive.”

Mosel is confident and cautious, saying, They’re going to be a tough team, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.” Not comparing his opponents, Mosel says, “Each week is going to present its own challenge,” but he prepares himself with the team by going over lots of film and drills.

Mosel has full confidence in his team and the “kids are locked in and devoted. They’re unique in that aspect.”

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