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Volleyball Game Against Sickles

This past Thursday the Sharks girls’ volleyball team faced against Sickles. In Game One the Gryphons were the first to score but Hannah Sallet and Sarah Mapu retaliate by blocking and scoring. Then Sickles gets a net violation, so far it was 9-5 with the Gryphons being in the lead but, Mapu serves and scores then Ariya Harris set up Sydrah Glasgo to score. The Gryphons get a net violation then an out.

Final score of Game One was 25-20 Sickles. Game two started off with the Gryphons scoring then they get a net violation After that, Mia Cervetti scores by Brooke Arnold setting up for her. Gryphons get another net violation then an out. Suddenly Harris blocks then Mapu Spikes to get the kill. Sallet gets a spike a well as the kill. Gryphons get a penalty for double hitting. Final score for Game Two was 25-13 Gryphons.

Game Three, started off with Sallet spiking it and getting the kill to take the lead. Gryphons get an out suddenly Cervetti comes in with a big spike and kill to give them a greater lead. The Gryphons retaliate by scoring. Anise Lowe and Harris block the Gryphons from scoring. Gryphons got an out then Mapu gets a spike right after Sallet spikes they both get the kill. Final score for Game Three was 25-22 Sickles.

After the game, RVHS head volleyball coach Jessica Thornton said, “What we learned is that we have a lot to work on. I knew we had a lot to work on, Last week, too. You can really see were your weaknesses are when the competition rises and saw some of that tonight, so back to the drawing board. What we could have done better was pass the ball and made serves consistently, We were competitively matched, but we beat ourselves and that was very frustrating to watch.”

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