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Volleyball Game Recap

Last Thursday, the Sharks beat Middleton 3-0 in some very close games. In Game One, Mia Cervetti and Ariya Harris were the first to score with Cervetti setting up Harris. After that, Harris set up for Hannah Bowers for a big score. Harris scores by penalty. Following a lengthy discussion, the Sharks got the ball, but one point was taken away from them. It was 7-5 when the Tigers got an out and a net violation, which tied it up. Then Sydrah Glasgo scored by a serve after a Tigers double hit which gave the Sharks a point. Emily Trask sets up Bowers for a score. After another net violation from the Tigers, Sarah Mapu from out of nowhere had the spike and kill. Then Glasgo scored with the serve twice in a row. The final score for Game One was RVHS 25-18.

Game two led with a net violation by the Tigers. Soon after, Harris set up for Bowers to lead the Sharks. Glasgo served and scored four times to put the Sharks with a big lead against the Tigers. Following several Middleton penalties, Harris came up with a crucial block. Harris and Bowers blocked at the same exact time, with another penalty by the Tigers. Trask served and scored twice in a row and two net violations were called on the Tigers. After, Hannah Sallet with a big spike which led to a kill. Then Anise Lowe got a block and score. The final score for Game Two was 25-16 Sharks.

Into Game 3 Bowers immediately spiked to lead with a kill and Harris set up Glasgo for a score. Trask served and scored twice in a row, then Sallet had a block. It came down to the wire it, as the Sharks led 20-19. Harris sets up Cervetti for a score. After that, Sallet spiked and got the kill. Afterward, a penalty was called on the Tigers to end the game with a 25-20 Sharks win.

RVHS head volleyball coach JessicaThornton said, “The most challenging thing about this game was coming back when we were down and digging ourselves back up to tie it up. What I learned is that my girls our battle-tested.”

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