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Sharks Win Opener

The Riverview High School track team, led by girls head coach Mary Rivera, had a very successful start according to the coach this past Wednesday in its first meet at Strawberry Crest High School. Riverview competed against three other schools: Strawberry Crest, East Bay, and Bloomingdale high schools.

The girls team came in first place at the meet by more than 20 points. Riverview obtained 90.5 points compared to Strawberry Crest who had 70, Bloomingdale, 48 points, and East Bay, 34.5 points.

The boys were “very close to coming in first place at the meet,” noted by Rivera. The boys team came in third place with 65 points. They were only 1.5 points away from second-place holders, Bloomingdale. East Bay took the lead with 70 points, while Strawberry Crest came in last place with 42.5 points.

Overall, Coach Rivera believed this meet to be “an awesome way to start the track season.” The Sharks next meet will be held Feb. 19 at Newsome.

Point scorers for the boys included: Carlos Davila, Zack Reviere, Eric Lopez, Alex Seijo, Camden Killian, Bradley Slya, Brazden Chambers, Christian Williams, Calvin Larkins, Nicco Ayala, William Inglis, Nick Migliarese, Logan Zorilla and Isaiah Miller-Anglin

Point scorers for the girls included: Jayla John, Ganessa Bennet, Natalie Rohm, Mansi Lorenzen, Lina Ceelen, Hannah Roche, Regina Rohm, Maddy Jones, Carmen Martinez, Mckenna Hartigan, Emily Mason, Alyssa Hendrix, Roccio Cordon, Marleah Perkins, Abigail Bernard, Natalia Forero, Mari Lopez, Sophie Wright, Allison Powers and Jorianna Nazario

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