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Basketball Update

Riverview high School’s boys varsity basketball team has been game-packed in last two weeks and will remain that way for the weeks to come. Starting with a victory against Jefferson High School by a landslide of 32 points; this away game took place the 15th. The game against the Dragons was a landmark game for the Sharks, the first time every player scored at least once in a single game. Assistant Coach Brian Bowman was very content with how the whole team played. “The whole time played well, the whole team contributed,” Bowman said. While this may be true, Bowman also gives credit to his, “lead scorer,” Jayden Ramos. Ramos finished the game with 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocked shots. On Jan. 18, Riverview played Newsome High School in an away game that finished in a loss. Bowman was not happy with how the Sharks played against Newsome. “We came out the gate slow. Give credit to Newsome though, they played great basketball,” he said. Bowman also mentioned it was a close game. “We were sluggish at first, but in the fourth quarter we closed the gap to four points, they just pulled away from us.” He added that there were many easy-point opportunities missed by the Sharks as well as “defensive breakdowns.” The sharks had a different momentum going into the away game against Plant City on the 22nd “We came out the gate smoking, we were up 15 points by the 1st quarter,” the coach said. The short-lived lead got cut quickly by the Raiders, “By halftime we were only up by one, and by the third quarter we were down by one,” said Bowman. The Plant City game ended in a defeat. “They were more aggressive, they wanted it more, we stopped pushing the ball. They dominated us on the glass and just pulled away in the fourth quarter,” says Bowman.

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