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Faculty Elected

This past November, RVHS had three candidates running for office. No, not the extravagant, expensive races, but for another important election. These three Riverview teachers participated in the election for the Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) board seats. The candidates were Michael Hepburn, Kathryn Eckdahl, and Travis Medling. Hepburn won his election, returning for his third term and Eckdahl joins the board for the first time.

The SWC assists the State Department of Agriculture by checking on farmers and their irrigation systems. Members of the board go out and scout these irrigation systems to make sure the money given to these landowners is going for the intended use. The board also hosts a variety of fundraisers and contests including: poster contests, speech contests, envirothons, and many more.

“I was surprised about winning in the re-election,” says Hepburn. In past years he feels like the SWC hasn’t been as well known as it was this year. His goals for this term are to encourage more high school students to participate in the contests and he wants to watch the board continue to grow. Hepburn’s favorite part about the board is the educational aspects and that it is part time.

“I think he can improve things in the Ag field as he is a teacher here [Riverview]. He can work with us in our projects and in what our chapter is doing,” says Ryan Lehnert, one of Hepburn’s students who is in the agriculture program at RVHS.

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