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Newsome vs Riverview Preview

Tonight will be the first district game on home field for the Sharks and the second one of the season. Tonight’s game will be against Newsome High School, and hopefully a win for Riverview High’s varsity football team.

Head coach William Mosel’s priority is securing a win tonight, but he’s looking for a better game coming out of the Sharks, “I think we’re going to finally have to start playing the way we’re supposed to,” says Mosel.

Mosel has an idea of what Riverview is facing tonight, “They’re going to run the ball a lot and play physical.”

In turn, Mosel said the game plan is simple, “The defense has to show up but we really have to play well all-around.”

The momentum and the development of the team is also a concern for Mosel.

“You know? It’s one of those things where we’re going to have to play better. If we continue to play down against these teams we go up against it won’t be a good season,” the coach said. “We haven’t turned the corner yet, last Friday should have been a turning point for us,” he added.

In relation to last Friday’s game against Palm Harbor, Riverview lost 41-25. Mosel explains it was bad loss and the game got out of hand, “It was really the penalties, lot of them. We need to cut down on penalties.”

He believes a win is possible for the Sharks tonight but needs more out of the team, “The effort is there, I’m not going to say these guys don’t try, the effort is there but it needs to be more consistent. We need to win Friday night first,” says Mosel.

Game time at J. Vince Thompson Stadium is 7:30.

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