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Indians to Invade

This Friday, Riverview’s varsity football team will be playing against their long-awaited rival, the East Bay Indians. The game will take place on Shark home turf this Friday at 7p.m. Head coach of the Sharks, William Mosel, is expecting the Indians to give their best effort at tonight’s game.

As for the expected challenge, Mosel states, “The key to Friday’s game would be playing physical and playing fast. Making it all come together and making sure the team plays hard is what’s going to secure the victory for Riverview.”

As for last Friday’s game against Bloomingdale High in the preseason, Mosel says “I think we didn’t play extremely well, you know, but it’s good to get the problems addressed in the preseason.” Mosel sees the preseason game as any other, a chance to improve, loss or no loss.

In Mosel’s opinion, “We had our moments, but not enough moments, and as for Friday that’s the trick. We got to have more moments than the other team.”

Mosel is expecting a comeback from the Sharks to start off the regular season right by playing hard and getting the win. Game time at J. Vince Thompson Stadium.

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