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School Safety

Recently, there was a tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in south Florida. The unexpected event that occurred rose questions of school safety everywhere.

According to Riverview High School Principal Danielle Shotwell, RVHS already has many safety features put into place. One of these features is regular drills that students and faculty participate in to be prepared for any type of emergency.

Shotwell said, “(The recent shooting) caused us to really look at school safety through a different lens.” Some actions have already been taken to make the school a safer place. Teachers have been asked to lock their doors to prevent just anyone from entering their rooms. Exterior gates are beginning to be locked. Also, everyone has been asked to be more vigilant and cautious and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

RVHS has also already started taking steps to improve the school for the future. A request was put in for additional fencing to close off open spaces and secure the school more so than it already is. The details are still being figured out on whether RVHS will pay for the fence or if Hillsborough County will fund this project. Either way, additional fencing will be installed sometime in the future. Another request was made for a buzzer system to be installed in the back student parking lot. This will allow for the gates to be kept locked, while still enabling students who come into school late access to the school.

“I feel like students and teachers have looked at what our priorities are, and as a family, we have done a great job of making our school a safer place.” said Shotwell.

Although many safety precautions are currently being taken, RVHS administration and faculty are still open to any suggestions that students may have. RVHS is also looking to organize a committee called the Student Voice Panel where students who join will be able to voice their opinions and suggestions, which will be another great outlet for ideas from the student body to help keep the school safe.

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