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Ag Students Place

The Riverview High School FFA Dairy Judging Team succeeded at the South Florida Fair on Jan. 26, and advanced to the Florida State Fair.

On Feb. 17, the FFA Dairy Judging Team competed in the state finals, taking place at the State Fair Grounds during the state fair. In total there were 20-25 school teams competing from the entire state. The procedure for the finals consisted of contestants being evaluated by judges one-on-one.

In the evaluation, competitors had to look at the dairy animals and compare it to the ideal model of that animal using score cards. They also were required to present oral reasons to the official judge.

School FFA teams competed in certain numbers of events. The top 10 percent of Florida teams were chosen to advance to advance to finals.

The RVHS FFA consisted of three teams; Senior team, Junior team, and the final team involved a RVHS student along with students from Rodgers Middle School. All students are equipped to have general knowledge of the dairy industry, to be able to read and understand a pedigree and find information on records of certain animals.

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