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Tide Pods

When I was young, there was not much to fear in our household. My mother was never really aggressive, and our punishments were usually meant to be learning experiences rather than painful pursuits. Even still, there was always one thing she had up her sleeve, one that routinely sent us running for cover. If we were ever to swear, or insult, or dip our words in a poison tone, our mother would employ the only punishment she saw fit for such a misdemeanor. And, as we struggled and wiggled against her grip, we endured the one punishment she could always get under our skin with.

She put pumps of liquid soap onto our tongues; the stinging filled our mouths, unable to swallow yet unable to spit. She would wait for us to mumble sorry; letting us rinse out our mouth to ease the discomfort. As a kid this was the epitome of torture, a punishment dreaded by any child with a sour attitude.

So, after enduring soap in our mouths for so long, why are we eating Tide Pods?

Now nearly ten years since my last incident with soap in my mouth, the last thing I desire is a pod full of laundry detergent sliding down my throat. Even memories leave my mouth bitter and dry, uncomfortable and undesirable. Why after years of using this as a punishment, is this peak humor?

Now as the challenge videos and memes come to a crescendo, many are working towards a solution to keep the laundry detergent out of people’s mouths. Stores such as Target, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreens have proposed locking the pods into a protective case to limit the buying pool to individuals using them correctly. At most locations, only certain products are required to be locked up; things that are harmful, or limited by age. Alcohol is placed in a glass case, and cigarettes stay behind the counter. Now, in the year 2018, Tide Pods are kept under the same safety precautions. Today, they are handled just as irresponsibly.

With the recent use of tide pods as an internet challenge, there seems to be no limit to what our generation will sink to achieve likes and views. The boundaries have been ignored, our metaphorical line in the sand erased completely. With the Tide Pods locked away, it seems as if there may finally be a solution to their misuse.

Of course, you never know what the next insufferable trend or challenge will be.

In a matter of weeks, we could be downing shots of Downy detergent.

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