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Basketball Improvement

The RVHS Boys Basketball team is currently participating in many games. The team’s current standings are 8-9, and has improved in its successes throughout the season after losing its first game.

As of now, the team is preparing to compete against East Bay, and anticipates that the result will be good.

The team’s increasing success can be demonstrated through its powerful win against a difficult competitor,-Riverview Sarasota, with a score of 62-60.

As districts approaches, players London Bennett, Malikh Innerarity, and Henry Xavier feel that they will do well against their competitors. They are aware, however, that the players that they are competing against will be big as well as strong.

As the season passes rapidly, the team’s players reflect on the season as a whole, “It’s like a rollercoaster of ups and downs, it all happens so fast and before you know it’s over,” said guard Xavier.

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