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Girl's Basketball Progression

The RHVS Varsity Girls Basketball team’s season is underway and the team has competed in nine games. Currently, the girls have attained a 4-5 record.

Coming into the season, RVHS girls basketball head coach Gerald Batista feels that the team is at a slight disadvantage due to its lack of sizable players and its few number of participants.

However, Batista also believes that if the team were to compete with a calm offensive objective and an aggressive defensive approach against larger and stronger teams, it would anticipate more wins in the future.

According to the coach, junior Tania Clark has distinguished herself as an influential asset to the team as the leading point scorer of the season.

Considering the current standings for the team, Batista foresees that the team needs to progress in its composure, intensity, and connection in order to obtain winning scores this season.

Batista said, “We need to work on our consistency. If we can do that, we can improve.”

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