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Volleyball Season Recap

With a bump, a set, and a spike, the Riverview High School volleyball team wrapped up its 2017 season. The team was not as successful as they hoped that they would be. RVHS Head Volleyball Coach Jessica Thornton believes, “The team was competitive in matches, but just couldn’t get over a hump.”

Thornton feels that the struggles that the team underwent were due to some very competitive teams as well as the playing time lost during Hurricane Irma.

During Irma, the team missed seven matches, which were never rescheduled. Following the hurricane, the team participated in a tournament in Tampa and performed well against their competition.

With the results of the tournament, Thornton felt that if the games had been rescheduled, the team could have turned the season around.

Thornton looks at the results with sadness knowing that it is difficult to say goodbye to graduating seniors on such a negative note. However, with the talent on the team, Thornton anticipates a fresh start and expects an implementation of program changes for the upcoming season.

Thornton said, “I’m excited to see who will perform well next season and step up.”

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