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Riverview Sarasota Preview

Tonight the Sharks face Riverview High School of Sarasota at home at 7:30.

Riverview encountered a devastating loss against Manatee with a final score of 31-0 on Friday night, followed by another loss against Chamberlin 41-0 on Monday night. Head coach William Mosel believes the Manatee score is, “Misleading, being that the score was 7-0 up until the fourth quarter and we dropped a lot of passes that we could have scored with.” He also noted that it’s hard to play two games in four days, and that contributed to the team’s performance on Monday night.

Last season the Sharks lost to the Rams 30-6. Mosel thinks, “If we do what we’re supposed to do we’ll be fine,” and, “We have to execute. If we don’t we’re not going to be successful.” Mosel adds that, “The Rams are a good team, but I believe we’re a good team too.”

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