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Riverview Idol Crowns Winner

Riverview Idol has found its 2018 winner, Logan Long. The show went great, according to RVHS Choral Director Elizabeth Stewart, adding that the panel of judges for the top five were great. They were Miguel Oquendo, Heather Krueger, and Jesse Byers, who was the 2010 winner and is now performing. “It was a great show in the end,” Stewart says.

Logan Long entered the competition this year because he entered last year but didn’t win, so he wanted to enter this year so he could prove to himself he could win. When Long first entered he thought he could go far, not win per say, but to go as far as he could.

“It felt good to move on to the next stage,” says Long “I wasn’t exactly nervous.”

The songs he chose were “God of the City” and “Jealous.” He chose “God of the City” because it is a song that both he and his dad enjoy and “Jealous” because it is the song that helped him cope with the death of his great grandmother.

Long said, ”When I won I was both shocked and happy.”

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