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Coming Home (Column)

I never knew the sight of 2,500 sweaty students crowded in a hallway would be satisfying. Being gone from Riverview for two years brought me to the realization of just how amazing this school is.

I spent my ninth grade year here, and it was only filled with fun times. Besides core classes, I was mainly involved with theatre and journalism. Even with the early start of 7:27 am, my first-period theatre class was always upbeat, creative and productive. My sixth period journalism class was always super engaging and informative; I felt as though I was being prepped for a possible future career.

Wanting to stay consistent, I took the same classes at my next school- Lakewood Ranch High in Bradenton, Florida. As soon as the new semester began to kick in, I quickly realized that these classes did not have the same vibe that Riverview did. My new theatre class, also being early in the morning, had no upbeat productive feeling. My journalism lacked the engagement and involvement needed for me to be successful. I never felt the personal connection with any of the staff or administrators the way I did at Riverview.

When I thought school couldn’t get worse, it did. We moved again, due to wanting to be closer to my family (though, I didn’t know I’d be trading the quality of my classes for them). I attended Parkway High School in Shreveport, La. I was hoping this new school would make up for the past year. Instead, it was an entire step down from the previous school. This school didn’t even have a journalism or theatre class. Well, they had a theatre program, but you wouldn’t even know it existed unless you asked. Of course, my top two electives were the most underappreciated. Parkway was your average school, but nothing compared to Riverview.

As a normal, everyday student, you may forget the true beauty of being a Riverview Shark. After also being a Manatee and a Panther, I can assure you that being a Shark tops all. The joyful atmosphere, diversity, school pride, friendly staff... I could go on. After experiencing the overall quality of this school, I realized that my other schools were just subpar. I never got the feeling of being completely happy with classes like I did as a Shark. Not all schools have these qualities, at least not the ones I’ve attended.

Thankfully, I’m back! In only the first week, I was welcomed with open arms from my past friends and teachers. My old newspaper adviser was so happy to see me; he gave me a hug the minute I walked in the door without saying a word. I have high expectations for my senior year back and I’m positive this school will meet them!

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