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Pre-season Riverview v. Bloomingdale

Tonight at 7:30 Riverview will be facing Bloomingdale at home for the pre-season game.

Riverview head football coach, William Mosel, believes, “We’ll have ups and downs, but as long as they play hard we’ll be all right.” He says our defense is pretty good this year, but the offense needs to catch a rhythm before we start to see moves be made. Bloomingdale is very good athletically and they play a similar style as the Sharks. This match up will make for a very high energy and fast-paced game.

Since last spring’s Football Jamboree against Lennard, where Riverview came out with a 13-10 victory, Mosel says, “the guys have gotten stronger and more comfortable in their positions.”

In the Jamboree, we saw more passing plays, steering away from the usual running plays in previous years. It’s expected that the team will continue to use this strategy throughout the season. Starting quarterback Reagan Jorgenson says, “We are passing a lot more. We have changed a lot this year hoping to improve.”

Mosel is looking forward to watching how the guys will grow throughout the season. Tonight’s game will be a sneak peek into how we may rank this year. Jorgenson expects the team to perform,.

“Very good, we have been practicing hard and doing everything we need to,” he said.

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